Job Title: Technical Engineer

Candidates Must have 1-2 years Exp in any Solar Project
  • Job description

    • Assemble solar modules , panels , or support structures , as specified.
    • Install active solar systems , including solar collectors , concentrators , pumps.
    • Perform routine photovoltaic (PV) system maintenance on modules , arrays , batteries , power conditioning equipment , safety systems , structural systems , weather sealing , or balance of systems equipment.
    • Check electrical installation for proper wiring , polarity , grounding , or integrity of terminations.
    • Install module array interconnect wiring , implementing measures to disable arrays during installation.
    • Install required labels on solar system components and hardware.
    • Program , adjust , or configure inverters and controls for desired set points and operating modes.
    • Test operating voltages to ensure operation within acceptable limits for power conditioning equipment , such as inverters and controllers.
  • Number of jobs: 10

Application Form

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